Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pic-y, Pic-y..... -- November 16, 2015

Sister Perez standing on a chair, trying to be
as tall as me.
Hello! It's gonna be a short one because today is transfer day. Speaking of which........

The September Macorisanos
I'M GONNA BE A PAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elder Polanco, sadly, is being transferred. But I'm going to be a trainer!!! When you're in the mission, your trainer is your dad and your trainee is your son. I don't know who my child is or where he's from, but I know that he's gonna be born tomorrow sometime around 9 AM. WWWHHHHHOOOOOO!!!!!!!

That's one dang big plantain!
But! Since my nonfacetiously-stated beloved companion needs to pack and say goodbye and it's a rough day for him because it's always hard to leave your first area, I have little time.

So I'd just like to tell the story of the two baptisms we had on Saturday. 
Their names are Angela and Miledis. They were so prepared, always in church and seminary and doing good things. They are the elect of God and the whole branch loves them so much. They're the daughters of Haitian immigrants and they live under such humble circumstances. It was a testimony to me every Sunday when they arrived at church after the more than thirty minute walk. 

They love the gospel and they were simply ready. It was a wonderful service and everyone just felt so much love.

Anyway, I love you all. Have the grandest of weeks.

Con cariño y mucho ánimo,
In the ZONE!!

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