Sunday, April 10, 2016

God Bless Mormons on Vacation in the DR -- April 10, 2016

As a missionary mom, I've learned a new thing. It is a wonderful thing. It is what I'm going to start to do in the future. Because it makes moms so happy.

This first photo is from a couple in the Orem, Utah area. The text message I received said, "Just shook hands with your sons. They look so good and are happy, safe, and filled with the Spirit."

A few hours later, I received another bunch of text messages from a different couple. 

She said, "My husband and I had the opportunity to meet these 2 amazing elders today at church. We are from Bluffdale, Utah and are on vacation in the Dominican Republic. They did a fabulous job today in their service, playing the piano, supporting the Branch President, taking care of investigators, and helping with the 2 brand new converts as of yesterday. It was very fun to talk with them."

These texts were sent to both Elder Hafer's mother and me. The second family has a son in the Honduras. I told them that I felt almost like our missionaries, all three of them, Elder Hafer, their missionary, and ours were rock stars. The kind of people that should be looked up to. 

I also thanked them for the pics and called down blessings on their heads.

I'm going to do this for other moms in the future!
Janell (Dallin's mammy)

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