Monday, October 26, 2015

A Week of Shooting Sports Business - October 26, 2015

Forgive me, all. But just some quick week highlights. The DR doesn't celebrate Halloween. Luckily, I do. 

And so, my district does :) We set about making us some jack-o-lanterns. Since pumpkins weren't available, we had to improvise. In case anyone was wondering, no, pineapples are not easy to carve out. 

"Pumpkin" guts
So. We made a mess carving papayas and pineapples and got juice everywhere, but it was super fun and we still brought it to a spiritual finish. 

Also, we set a baptismal date with a girl that we hope to turn into baptismal dates with her entire family. 

Um. We got charged by a goat. 

Did some yardwork with machetes. 

And we picked guavas from a tree by throwing rocks at them. I'm told that guava picking is a shooting sport here in the DR. 

Oh, and the intermediate hymn yesterday in sacrament meeting was Angels We Have Heard On High. Yup.

Sorry for the lazy writing and all, but. Well. That's my rap.


P.S. As it turns out, my house actually does have oven racks. For some silly reason, I hadn't checked on the roof.

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