Sunday, June 7, 2015

Six Down, Seven to go June 1, 2015

Transfer six is over. Last night, we received our transfer orders for number seven. In a sweeping move almost as exciting as the life of your typical Idaho sugar beet, they're sending me to Los Solares with Elder Ventura as my
companion! Let the peasants rejoice!!!! Wait. Los Solares? You mean to tell me. I'm here for a fourth transfer? Are you barmy? I'm gonna spend a quarter of my mission in Los goshdang Solares?!! AARXGHHBLGTH!!!.... Huh? What was that? We have seven baptisms scheduled for the month of June? Oh right! Yeah! Let the peasants rejoice!!!! :)

We're gonna get depressing news out of the way first. We woke up on Saturday morning to discover that our house had flooded. There was a huge rainstorm during the night and water had come in through the open windows, leaving about an inch and a half of water on the floor. There was no real damage to the house. The floors are tile and carpet is a distant dream that'll have to wait until August 2016. But. I'd left my journal on the floor by my bed. When I picked it up, it was a swollen, smeary brick of sadness. I think that was probably the closest I've come to crying on my mission. Ah. But in the words of Jonah and the Whale, L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.

In happier water news, we had another baptism, a fine gentleman named Carlos! This one was the fastest baptism I've ever had. Two weeks ago, this random dude we'd never seen before showed up in church. We actually thought he was a member all through the first hour. But then, he came up to us and the conversation went about like this:

Carlos: Hey, what do I have to do to serve a mission?
Us: Talk to your bishop. He'll get you started.
Carlos: I don't have a bishop. I'm not a member of your church.
Us: Really? How long have you been talking to the missionaries then?
Carlos: Never have. I don't know anything about your church, really. I was just playing dominos with my neighbor, who's a Mormon, and I just got curious about your church so I went to an activity and now I want to get baptized and serve a mission. 
Us: Uh....
Carlos: Can you guys teach me?

He's the bomb. We had to teach him fast because he's twenty-four and turns twenty-five this week. If we hadn't baptized him last Saturday, he wouldn't have been able to serve a mission. It wasn't easy. He asked a ton of questions, but they were good questions, and he didn't fight the promptings of the spirit. With all due respect to Walescak from Espaillat, I think it's fair to say that he was the most spiritually receptive and intelligent person I've ever taught, bar none. It was a testimony-builder if ever I had one and whatever mission the man serves in will be lucky to have him.

So that was a thing. Kinda slow week overall, though. Congrats to Ryan for graduating high school. Have yourselves a lovely week, all.

Still kicking,

Elder Johnson

 Zetina sent me this picture because it was his dream to milk a cow. Hey. Some people've got being an astronaut or slaying Bowser. Some people have got extricating lactosy liquids from bovine udders. Don't hate.

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