Monday, June 29, 2015

Full Circle June 29, 2015

On Friday, I went back to Espaillat for the first time since they kicked me out in February. It was a beautiful experience, and all the pieces were there.

There was Elder Tillmond, who's been my favorite district leader that I've had, Elder Hutchins, who was the first missionary I met in the airport, Elder Barlow, who is the first missionary I ever looked up to as a bastion of spiritual strength, and a whole slew of other missionaries who've served in Santo Domingo and Hainamosa, my two zones. There was Wilson, who made pants for me, Fransisco, who's mah boy, and a whole bunch of member friends who I left behind.

But most of all, there was Walescak. Walescak and her family were the one family I left behind who made me feel like all of the frustration and struggle I went through in Espaillat was worth it. Last week, she and her husband were legally married, and on Friday, she was baptized, tying her entire family together in the gospel. Words can't describe how much I love these people.

I'm not even going to try.

Humbly yours and love always,
Elder Dallin Lyle Johnson

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