Monday, August 17, 2015

Little Isabel -- August 17, 2015

As my old history teacher, Mr. Bruce Crane would say, "Hello, ladies and gentlemen! How are you all today? How was school?" Now, whether or not you are in school at this moment in time is beside the point, because all of you that had Mr. Crane read that in his voice and those of you who didn't got through this paragraph are just fine anyway. This week, I packed and moved, said bye to too many people, and ate some rice. Folks, we're almost to a year.

On Tuesday night, I was sitting at home waiting for Elder Velasquez, one of the office guys, to call and tell me who my new companion is. At ten twenty, a whopping ten minutes before lights out, he called at told me that I would be receiving..... Literally no one. I got transferred. Five minutes away. After less than a month. Naturally. So, as the subject line sort of kinda suggested, I'm no longer in Los Mameyes! After Elder Barlow went home, the people-with-luck gods decided that I'd burned up all my luck points and after less than a month in Mameyes with two of my best friends in the mission, I've been transferred out to La Isabelita (that's Little Isabel in English) with Elder Martinez, 
My companion, Elder Martinez, whose English
consists of the phrase, "What's goin' on, man?"
a Honduranian with seven months and no sanity. I'm also living with Elder Turketo, the mission's lone New Zealander, and an old familiar face.

Elder Zetina, my first companion back in old Los Solares, is in my house. I'm not sure if that was inspired by God or Satan, but either way, we should not be housemates. Ever. When I got home at the end of the first night, I found a plate of banana peels and Marshmallow Mateys hid in my suitcase. I responded by stealing Elder Zetina's recorder flute and sticking it on a ledge just beyond his hopping range. Later that same night, he threw a football at me while I was writing in my journal, but being Zetina, he  missed and ripped the curtain rod out of the wall behind me. I threw it back, but being me, I went for broke and hurled it into Elder Turketo's crotch. It was an accident, but  suffice it to say, first impressions could've gone a bit better.

I'm actually enjoying myself in the area quite a bit! Although there aren't as many certifiably insane people, there are still plenty of idiots, so I stay entertained. We met a gentleman this week who informed me that the Hawaiian Islands, which belong to France, are actually within Venezuelan territory. This may escalate into war with the United States, since they shot their earthquake gun at Cuba but accidentally hit Haiti. Also, Japan, which was largely uninhabited after its nuclear war with China fifty years ago but was ironically repopulated by the Chinese who shipped their dead and dying over there, is finally about to gain its independence from South Korea. Reminded me what a rock I live under. You people gotta let me know when this stuff happens more often.

So this isn't so much of a spiritual thought as a Holy Cow! I
Wellington, his fiancee, and me.
was walking through the street yesterday when who should I run into but my boy Wellington. I don't know if you folks remember Wellington, but he was my first baptism way back in Espaillat with Elder Miller. And I cannot tell you how happy I was to see him. See, not only are we quite the pals, but I found out he is still roaringly active and has a calling. Also. He was walking with a girl. Who is his fiancee. They're planning on getting married legally in December and in January, they're going to the temple to be sealed for time and all eternity.
Holy. Smokes.

That, my friends, is a prepared son of God. Miller and I did good work with him, but he was ready when we found him. And now, I realize that not only did Wellington's baptism bring him to the gospel, but he and his future wife are gonna be able to enjoy the blessings of eternal marriage and all their children will grow up in a gospel home. It was a moment of pure joy.

I hope you all get to feel some of the same.

Much love, 
Dallin Johnson

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