Monday, June 20, 2016

Rushin' -- June 20, 2016

Well, time is short, but here are some pics. Also, transfers are here. This means that Elder Orchard (the rather
diminuitive fellow with spiky hair in the picture of him and me with Jeremy, a member, between us) will be finishing his mission and peacing off to Las Vegas tomorrow morning.

I'm somewhat convinced that Dallin
gets his photogenic nature from me
-- The Kommadant
Speaking of peacing, I've been transferred! I'm going to San Isidro with Elder Koerper, a 6' 4" New Mexican who played baseball in college. We'll still be the zone leaders in Hainamosa. They're going to put sisters in my current area, hence they took both Elder Orchard and I out.

Speaking of which, I tell you what, I'm not very good at handling stress. On Saturday night, there was sooo much to do. We were supposed to compile a weekly report, finish stake conference, pack, make our area book all neat and tidy for the sisters, clean our house to sister standards, and a whole plethora of other things.

And so, as I often do when I have so many things to do, I got home that evening and didn't do one single thing. No, I utilized the ancient stress-management technique of collapsing on the floor and eating a quarter pound of beef jerky. Now, this did not solve my problems, but it sure made me feel better.

And so. With that in mind. I love you all, but well. I have a bunch of stuff that I've been putting off for two days so. Have a great week!

Love, Dallin

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